World Vision Urges Taiwan To End Violence Against Children

Indicating that the main causes of violence against children came from the families abuse and school bullying, aninterview documentary on the violence experiences of Taiwan children was released by World Vision Taiwan in the afternoon on 3rd March 2017.

This documentary footage was surveyed in this February with 100 children interviewed. Among kinds of violenceimposed on these interviewed children, body abuses and language attacks were two worst abuses they scared most, according to this documentary. On the question where the violence happened most, the children responded with the answer: the family and school. It was also found that about 80% of the abused children would seek outside help, yet still some kids were prone to endure or overlook the abuses received.

World Vision Taiwan pointed out that poverty and the dys-functional families were two main causes of the violence against children. According to this footage, a high ratio of the children, from the economically marginalized families at rural areas or aboriginal tribes, were more frightened about the physical violence than the children at urban cities, and they were more reluctant to seek outside help after they were abused or bullied.

Based on a UN statistics report, it is estimated that about one billion children around the globe are now treated withvarious kinds of violence across the families, schools, communities and even state institutes. As averagely every 5 minutes an innocent child's life is perishing, due to those deplorable but avoidable violence, World Vision Taiwan urges Taiwan society to join a global action and end violence against children now!

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan