Wu Hsin-hsing Calls on Compatriots in Europe to Support Taiwan

Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Minister Wu Hsin-hsing attended the opening ceremony of the 46th General Assembly 2016 of European Federation of Taiwanese Associations (EFTA) held in Frankfurt Germany on September 3. While conveying the best regards of President Tsai Ing-wen to all compatriots in Europe, he called on everyone to continue supporting the Republic of China, Taiwan, striving for a brighter future for the country.

Wu thanked overseas compatriots in Europe for supporting the government of Taiwan. On May 20 this year, Taiwan underwent the third party alternation, making it a 100% democratic country. The new government is facing a number of challenges, such as economic transformation, judicial reform and cross-strait interaction, requiring support from overseas compatriots to help Taiwan make things happen, he said.

Wu addressed attendees from around the world in English and his speech struck a cord with Ismail Tipi, member of the Hessian parliament, and other foreign guests.

Ismail Tipi said that the assembly was attended by Taiwanese compatriots from Europe and North America and other regions, allowing him to see the passion of Taiwanese and their pursuit of democracy and freedom. He presented Wu with a medal, bringing the ceremony to a perfect end.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council