Yilan students looking for owner of camera found on beach

Taipei, Fifth graders at a remote elementary school in eastern Taiwan's Yilan County are looking for the owner of a camera that may have been floating at sea for more than two years.

Yueming Elementary School located along the Yilan coast regularly conducts beach cleanups as a way to teach students about marine conservation, and during one of those cleanups on Tuesday a group of fifth grade students found a moss-covered, waterproof case.

Out of curiosity, they opened the case and discovered a black Canon PowerShot G12 camera, which led to a chorus of "we found a camera on the beach" directed at their homeroom teacher Park Lee (???).

Lee told CNA that it took the class a while to decide whether or not to look at the content on the camera's memory card because of privacy issues, but they eventually decided to take a look hoping to find clues that could help identify the owner.

With a detective's eye for details, the class inferred from the photos that the owner was most likely a young Japanese who was scuba diving just off of Japan's Ishigaki Island when he or she lost the camera.

What adds to the intrigue is that the latest photos were all timestamped September 7, 2015, indicating that the camera could have been missing for two and a half years.

Yet when the students found the camera, its battery life had not been completely depleted.

Lee has posted a few of the photos on his personal Facebook page "Park Lee" and has asked a friend to translate the story into Japanese in the hopes of finding the camera's owner.

He can be contacted at parkgood@gmail.com

Since Lee posted the story on Facebook on Tuesday, it had been shared 10,000 times as of 1 p.m. on Wednesday, but there has been no response yet from the camera's owner.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel