Youth agency providing free Universiade tickets for young promoters

Taipei--In order to promote the upcoming 2017 Taipei Universiade, the Youth Development Administration (YDA) has invited domestic and foreign young people to help promote the Universiade and its Youth Travel Spot project, which is providing 200 young people with free Universiade tickets.

Young people aged between 18 and 30 who want to participate must form a two-person team, with one Taiwanese national and one foreigner, and post about the Universiade, which takes place Aug. 19-30, and Youth Travel Spots on social media.

Participants must have at least 300 friends on their social media account and tag at least five friends, with two hashtags for the event and the project.

The YDA will randomly select 100 teams from those who are qualified, and each of the 200 will win a Universiade ticket, a Universiade souvenir and an opportunity to take part in a Youth Travel Spot activity. The YDA is conducting the promotional activity with cooperation from the 2017 Taipei Universiade organizing committee.

The Youth Travel Spots include "Fishing Village" in Keelung City, "Water Bamboo" in Nantou County, "Luermen" in Tainan, and "Fataan Tribe" in Hualien County.

The YDA has also launched another activity, providing accommodation and transportation expenses for 10 pairs of "youth travel ambassadors" to visit 5 Youth Travel Spots in two days. Each two-person team must upload their own travel photos and write a post explaining why they took part in the activity. Registration for the above-mentioned two activities ends on July 14.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council