Yunlin students relocated to protect their health

The government's decision to relocate students from Ciaotou Elementary School's Syucuo branch in Yunlin County is a precautionary measure to protect their health and prevent further exposure to environmental pollutants, Executive Yuan Spokesperson Tung Chen-yuan said today.

The Executive Yuan has instructed the Yunlin County Government to begin risk communications with affected families, students and faculty, Tung said. In response to requests from Syucuo residents, the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Environmental Protection Administration will expand efforts to investigate the source of the pollution, monitor the environment, and conduct epidemiology research on health risks to sensitive groups. The government will stand with Syucuo and safeguard the health of its students and residents, he assured.

The relocation decision was based on studies showing that Syucuo branch students were exposed to dangerous levels of pollution, Tung said. The central government has asked Yunlin County to work out a plan to resettle these students.

The spokesperson also denied news reports that the meeting between Syucuo residents and government officials ended abruptly in discord. Officials left the meeting at the request of Legislator Su Chih-fen so that she could continue communicating with the residents, Tung explained.

Source: Executive Yuan