Appreciating the volunteer barber who travels around cutting hair for children for free

Ang Thong, Admire! Volunteer barbers travel around Ang Thong province to cut hair for free for students. Revealed that they have been doing this for over a year, hoping to help reduce the expenses of parents. At Wat Pinijthammasarn Municipality School, Bang Plakot Subdistrict, Pa Mok District, Ang Thong Province, dozens of male students waited in line to get their hair cut by a barber who brought a mobile barbering table for all the students from morning until noon, which made the students here happy, most of whom are poor. Mr. Suwat Khamto, 57 years old, said that he opened a barber shop in Ang Thong Province and was also a professional barber trainer. So he had the idea to cut hair for students for free because he saw that parents did not have much money due to economic problems. He would take the children to cut hair for free for students at schools in the area from morning until noon every day except Saturday and Sunday before going back to open his shop in the afternoon. He has been doing this for mor e than 1 year, focusing on schools with poor children. Mr. Suthep Klingklom, 56, acting director of Wat Phinit Thammasarn Municipality School, revealed that this group of barbers are volunteers who regularly give free haircuts to students. The school will often call to check on them. When the deadline comes, 1-2 months, they will come to give free haircuts to all the children in the school. This is a great thing because it helps reduce expenses for parents, most of whom are poor, so they don't have to spend money on haircuts. He would like to thank and want society to admire these volunteers who help society without expecting anything in return. Source: Thai News Agency