The number of employed people was 111.81 million, the number of unemployed was 436,000, the unemployment rate was 3.66%, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.70%, and the labor force participation rate was 59.09%.

In January and December, the number of employed people was 11.48 million, an increase of 6,000 or 0.05% per month. The average number of employed people in the year was 11.43 million, an increase of 82,000 or 0.73% compared with …

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The Bank issues a deposit receipt

Central Bank Open Market Operation Information

Zhongyangyinxing open market operations information

a, 108 January 17 Japanese line certificates of deposit maturity amounted to 1,884.50 billion yuan issued in the amount of 1,884.50 billion yuan-day summarized as follows:

(a) 28 days …

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Invested in Taiwan Office to hold the 1st joint review meeting of “Welcome Taiwanese Businessmen to Return to Taiwan Investment Action Plan” to approve the investment case of Accton Technology and Qing Enrich Industry 2

In response to the impact of the US-China trade war, the Executive Yuan approved the "Welcome Taiwanese Investment Return Action Plan" on December 7, 107, designated the investment Taiwan office as a single service window, providing customized services, shortening administrative …

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