DPP’s Lin Ching-yi wins Taichung legislative by-election

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) Lin Ching-yi (???) won Sunday's legislative by-election in Taichung's second district, defeating the Kuomintang's Yen Kuan-heng (???) and three other candidates.

Lin received 88,752 votes, or about 52.3 percent, against 80,912 votes, or 47.7 percent, for Yen, according to the Taichung City Central Election Commission's unofficial figures with the votes at all 258 polling stations counted.

Yen conceded defeat to Lin around 5:50 p.m., and expressed his hope that President Tsai Ing-wen (???) would devote more attention to Taichung's infrastructure.

The candidates were running for the position left vacant after former lawmaker Chen Po-wei (???) of the Taiwan Statebuilding Party was removed from the Legislature in a recall election last October.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel