Evergreen Laurel Hotel chocolates honored at Golden Bean Awards

Several confectionary creations from Taichung's Evergreen Laurel Hotel have been honored at the United Kingdom-based Academy of Chocolate's annual Golden Bean Awards.

The hotel, represented by its head pastry chef Chang Chi-hung (???), won one gold, three silver, and two bronze Filled Chocolates awards, as well as one silver Flavored Chocolate Bars award.

Evergreen Laurel's gold, bronze, and three of its silvers were won in the Ganache With Alcohol, Fruit, Spices And/Or Other Inclusions category during the second phase of the awards.

The gold was won by the hotel's Peach Oolong Tea Chocolate, while the three silver awards were won by Evergreen's Lemon-Citrus Chocolate, Passion Fruit Jelly-Pepper Chocolate, and Sakekasu Chocolate, respectively.

The two bronze awards were given to the hotel's Balsamic-Strawberry Chocolate and Strawberry Kiss Chocolate.

The other silver award which Evergreen received was won under the Flavored Dark Chocolate Bar category using the hotel's Tieguanyin Tea Chocolate.

Chang said he tried to incorporate as many Taiwanese ingredients as possible, adding that it took eight months of research and development to concoct the award-winning creations.

Some of the local ingredients used by Chang included Tieguanyin tea grown from Taipei's Muzha District, high-mountain oolong tea, sake kasu made by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp., and Miaoli's dried strawberries from its Dahu Township.

Chang also said that while he used cocoa from other countries in his winning creations this year, he will aim to use Taiwanese cocoa in the future.

Pingtung's Meiho University, which previously secured one bronze award in the Dark Bean To Bar (under 90 percent) category during the first phase of the awards, added three silvers in the Drinking Chocolates category.

Chocolatiers from the university won with 65 percent Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Drinking Chocolate, 78 percent Taiwan Alishan Jin Xuan Tea Drinking Chocolate, and 75 percent Taiwan Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea Drinking Chocolate.

Speaking with CNA, the university's Department of Hospitality lecturer Yu Tien-fu (???) said the three chocolate beverages stood out among judges.

Yu said not only were Taiwan teas incorporated into the school's drinks, the tea leaves all went through an extra process of roasting.

The paring of such teas with Pingtung's unique cocoa along with calculated sugar ratio were elements which made the university's chocolate beverages shine, he said.

According to Yu, when it comes to chocolate drinks, the university had also won a silver award recognition in the Flavored Dark Drinking Chocolate (Made with Milk) category at the World Drinking Chocolate Competition 2022 with its 60 percent Four Seasons Oolong drink.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel