Festival’s artificial snow shows bring winter to subtropical Pingtung

Visitors to the Pingtung Christmas Festival enjoyed a rare taste of winter in Taiwan's southernmost county on Saturday night, as one of the event's main attractions -- a bubble-based artificial snow show -- was complemented by the winter's first major cold snap.

This year's festival, which runs through Jan. 2, 2023 in Pingtung Park, features 16 large-scale lighting displays and five social media check-in points simulating winter scenery in Japan, Korea, Europe, the United States, and Canada.

The festival's bubble-based artificial snow shows -- which are held on the hour from 6-10 p.m. on weekends -- took place on Saturday night while the temperature was around 15 degrees Celsius, giving the event an atmosphere likened by one visitor to "celebrating Christmas abroad."

In addition to light displays and artificial snow, the festival will also hold a nightly Christmas market with an estimated 70 vendors from Dec. 23-25, as well as picture-taking with Santa and a photo scavenger hunt on Christmas and New Year's weekends.

Admission to the festival is free.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel