Gold robber confesses to earning money to help family pay off debt – police file 9 serious charges

Chiang Mai, 9 serious charges filed against the perpetrator who tricked and killed a young rider and stole his car to rob gold in a famous shopping mall in Chiang Mai. It was found that the plan took years. Meanwhile, the family of the deceased is deeply saddened by the loss of the main breadwinner. Police arrested Mr. Nipitphon or Opal, 26 years old, who tricked a young rider into killing him and stealing his car before using the car to rob a gold shop in a famous shopping mall, stealing 80 baht worth of gold, for further questioning at Mae Ping Police Station, Chiang Mai this afternoon. Mr. Opal had an indifferent expression, showing no emotion and did not answer reporters' questions. Pol. Maj. Gen. Weerachon Boonthawi, deputy commander of Provincial Police Region 5, said the suspect felt sorry for killing the rider, stealing his car, and stealing gold. He confessed to all charges, claiming that he wanted to earn money to go abroad to work and help his family pay off debts. He had planned the crime for y ears, and was motivated by violent crime movies and games. It was found that after selling some of the gold, the suspect bought a plane ticket to Suvarnabhumi Airport at 10pm the previous night and bought a connecting ticket to Japan, but was arrested a few hours before departure. The deputy commander of Provincial Police Region 5 confirmed that the perpetrator acted alone and stole a total of 32 gold necklaces, weighing a total of 80 baht. He has already seized 25 necklaces, while the suspect sold and pawned the remaining 7 necklaces, weighing a total of 10 baht, earning over 300,000 baht to use as capital for his trip abroad. Police press 9 serious charges against robber who killed and robbed gold Police interrogated the suspect in the gold robbery case at Mae Ping Police Station and will take him to Phu Ping Police Station for questioning about the murder and car robbery. Initially, the police pressed 9 serious charges against him for the incidents in 2 areas: robbery of gold and car, premeditated murde r and concealment of a body, as well as charges under the Firearms Act. The suspect refused to reenact the crime scene in his confession to the gold robbery case, but for the murder and car robbery case, he may be taken to identify the crime scene tomorrow (July 10). The parents believe that their son committed the crime because they wanted to help pay off his debts. Meanwhile, Opal's mother traveled to wait and see her son at Mae Ping Police Station. This morning, both the father and mother brought sticky rice, grilled pork, and fried chicken to visit their son in the detention cell. The father cried the whole time, while the mother said that she was sorry that her son committed the crime. In the past, her son had good behavior and was always under her watch. He never acted aggressively, never smoked, didn't drink, never took drugs, or had mental problems. He was quite a quiet person, and kept to himself. However, she admitted that her son had been addicted to games since he was 6 years old. It was a viole nt fighting game and a strategy game. However, she never thought that her son would commit such a crime. Yesterday, her son left the house early in the morning, saying that he was going out. When he returned home in the evening, he found his son at home. Everything was normal, and there was no sign of any flustering. It was only when the police came to arrest him and searched the evidence at home that she found out about the incident. She felt very sorry. The reason why my son decided to do this is probably because 4-5 years ago he invested money in gold trading, but lost more than 10 million baht. So I think my son did this because he wanted to get money to help his family. Now I am very worried about my son. I am afraid that he will think rashly and hurt himself. I want to encourage my son and tell the police the truth so that it will be useful for the prosecution. I will also apologize to the family of the deceased. The family of the deceased is extremely sad, losing their pillar of support suddenly. Th e family of Lt. Suthep Chainanta or Tum, 48 years old, a rider who was tricked and killed to steal his car in Tambon Cho Lae, Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai Province, are all grieving the incident that happened. Ms. Kritsana, the deceased's older sister, said that she was shocked and saddened by the passing of her younger brother, who was a very good person and the main force in taking care of the family. He had just resigned from a factory in Rayong Province to take care of his almost 80-year-old mother and almost 90-year-old aunt who was bedridden. As a result, he had to do everything, be a rider, a fitness trainer, and a village health volunteer to take care of the family. However, he unexpectedly ended his life. The mother said that there were no signs of this happening. She was sad but she had to try to accept it. She was very proud of her son, who told him he loved him every day. However, the family of the deceased said that if the family of the accused would like to pay their respects to the body, they can come and they are ready to forgive them. Meanwhile, the mental health team of the public health department went to check on the mental state of the family, including the provincial justice officer who came to inform them of their rights to receive compensation. The family is currently contacting the hospital to receive the body to perform religious rites at Wat Cho Lae Phra Ngam in Mae Taeng District, amidst villagers and friends of the deceased who have come to help prepare the place. They all expressed their sadness and regret that Lt. Suthep had to end his life prematurely due to an unexpected cause. Source: Thai News Agency