Hydrogen Tech DCARB Receives Series A Funding: How Doing Good for the Planet Can Also Be Very Good for Business

DCARB is lowering transportation fleets fuel consumption by on average 5 to 15% with no upfront Capex.

FedEx truck getting a DCARB

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DCARB, which operates in the booming Hydrogen and Decarbonisation sectors, has received VC funding from the Canadian merchant banking firm Caerus Capital. HYDROFLEX (via their brand DCARB) has secured a significant position as a leading solution provider in the Decarbonisation and Carbon Emission reduction sectors through its breakthrough patented hydrogen technology.

DCARB successfully opened their first U.S. outlet in 2020 in Las Vegas and has seen U.S. trucking fleets achieve remarkable results in lowering their diesel consumption by 5-15% and reducing emission issues by up to 75%.

Matt Bailey, CEO of DCARB, said, “The partnership and attached funding with Caerus will allow us to rapidly bring our new technology to market along with the expansion of our patented Arc Plasma technology. The funding allows us to immediately progress our work with the world’s largest engine operators across all Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) sectors from locomotives to marine.”

Rob Shewchuk, Director of Caerus Capital, commented, “We are excited to join forces with DCARB. Their technology is ready to assist companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint and fuel consumption now. DCARB management has a clear vision on where they are going, and we are excited to see DCARB become a major service partner for large transportation companies in the decades ahead.”

Bailey continued: “As a direct result of the funding, DCARB are currently negotiating with a number of U.S. diesel servicing companies, with large national footprints, to assist in spreading the innovative hydrogen technology to allow all operators of diesel engines to benefit from both reducing their carbon emissions and reducing operating costs.

“We are extremely excited to be contributing to the global emission reductions. Worldwide there are over two billion internal combustion engines, and applying our technology can make a real difference in global emissions right now. We know zero emissions will take some time, but we have a solution, which will help fleets now save money, cut emissions and keep existing assets on the road until new tech is here. In essence, we have created a technology that allows companies to bridge the gap while saving money and cutting emissions.

“The global demand to reduce carbon emissions, and with the current cost of diesel, has opened the door to a remarkable opportunity. We offer companies our technology with no upfront Capex, making it cashflow-positive from day one.”

DCARB stated they have initiated a number of significant partnerships throughout the U.S., Australia, Philippines and Egypt to assist with Bus Fleets, Truck Fleets, Rail Fleets, Ferry Fleets, Shipping Fleets and the Power Generation sectors.

Baily said, “This is really just the tip of the iceberg with the rapid uptake of our hydrogen solutions as a brilliant tool to assist across Decarbonisation, Cost Reduction and Carbon Emission Reduction for the benefit of both individual companies and, importantly, the environment.”


HYDROFLEX specializes in hydrogen-enhanced combustion solutions that deliver fuel savings and emission reduction benefits for a global market of internal combustion engines, from the smallest cars to the largest engines on the market today.

With a world-class research and development program that exceeds industry standards, HYDROFLEX delivers ongoing innovation in the green-energy space. Recognized by industry leaders for its performance, quality and dependability, HYDROFLEX’S hydrogen-enhanced combustion systems reduce global dependence on fossil fuels.


Contact Information:
Ron Basset
(702) 582 3279

Matt Bailey
(702) 534 4717

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Image 1: FedEx truck getting a DCARB

DCARB works with large fleets throughout the U.S.

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