Linkou Chang Gung most profitable hospital in Taiwan for 5th year in row

The Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan was Taiwan’s most profitable hospital for the fifth consecutive year in a row in 2020, the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) said Wednesday as it released the latest hospital financial performances.

The hospital in northern Taiwan reported an annual profit of NT$4.347 billion (US$145.8 million) for that year, followed by Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, which is also part of the Chang Gung hospital network, with NT$4.157 billion, the NHIA said.

Rounding out the top five list was the China Medical University Hospital (NT$2.214 billion), National Taiwan University Hospital (NT$1.993 billion), and Taoyuan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (NT$1.636 billion), according to the administration.

The NHIA added that the financial status of medium and large hospitals in Taiwan had been generally healthy over the past eight years, as 84-91 percent of them reported profits during the period.

In 2020, 86.3 percent of the 227 medium and large hospitals in Taiwan reported profits, while 31 medical institutions saw deficits, the administration said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic did have a negative impact on local hospitals in 2020, this was mostly limited to their secondary services such as dining and parking instead of their core business, added NHIA Director-General Lee Po-chang (李伯璋).

However, according to the NHIA data, Linkou Chang Gung’s profit in 2020 fell by NT$2.9 billion from 2019.

Meanwhile, the hospitals which reported the biggest deficits in 2020 were Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (NT$1.033 billion), New Taipei Municipal Tucheng Hospital (NT$563 million), Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (NT$289 million), Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital (NT$274 million), and Min-Sheng General Hospital (NT$187 million).




Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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