Taiwan customs seize Chilean apples contaminated with banned pesticide

Seven separate shipments of fresh apples from Chile were recently seized at Taiwan’s border, after being found to contain a banned pesticide, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Tuesday.


The shipments totaling 138,915 kilograms were imported by three different companies, according to the FDA.


The fruit was confiscated after sample testing on Aug. 18 detected traces of 2,6-Diisopropylnaphthalene (2,6-DIPN) ranging between 0.01 parts per million (ppm) to 0.11 ppm, the FDA said.


The 2,6-DIPN is a type of biochemical pesticide used to inhibit the sprouting of potatoes during storage.


Chen Ching-yu (陳慶裕), a section manager at the FDA’s northern branch, told CNA that the pesticide cannot be used on any agricultural produce other than potatoes.


However, even when used on potatoes, the maximum limit is 1.0 ppm, Chen said, adding that the Chisa-branded apples from Chile were imported by Taichung-based Derek L. Wang Co., New Taipei-based Taiwan Veggies & Fruits Company, and Taipei-based Kingo Fruits Co.


A total of 18 shipments of apples from Chile have been found to be tainted with the same chemical substance over the past six months, he added.


The fruit will either be returned to the country of origin or destroyed, according to the FDA, which also published Tuesday a list of 10 other imported items that recently failed safety inspections.


Other items rejected and destroyed or returned by Taiwan customs include 64 kg of dried bay leaves from Indonesia, 22,500 kg of black soybeans from China and 10 kg of fresh tomatoes from South Korea.




Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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