Taiwan Lottery to increase Lunar New Year jackpots by NT$880 million

Taiwan Lottery Co. will add NT$880 million (US$30.69 million) in prize money to the jackpots of several lotteries to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, the lottery operator announced Tuesday.

Major lotteries such as the Lotto 6/49, the Super Lotto, and BINGO BINGO will boast much larger jackpots as the sum of NT$880 million is the biggest increase in prize money in five years, said Taiwan Lottery board member and spokesperson Huang Chih-yi (???) in a news conference.

The additional prize money for the Lotto 6/49, which is the most popular lottery issued by Taiwan Lottery, will be distributed in two parts, Huang said.

The first part will be through a daily draw held by the Lotto 6/49 for 15 days in a row from Jan. 28 to Feb. 11, marking the longest period that a daily draw will be held in the lottery's history and exceeding the 13 daily draws in a row held for the Lunar New Year holiday in 2021.

The Lotto 6/49, in which lottery ticket buyers have to pick the correct six numbers drawn from a total of 49 numbers, is usually held every Tuesday and Friday.

The upcoming Lunar New Year holiday for the Year of the Tiger will start on Jan. 29 and run until Feb. 6.

The second part will be through special 360 draws held from Jan. 28-Feb. 1, according to Taiwan Lottery.

For the special draws, buyers pick six numbers and there are nine winning numbers drawn. Those who have any six of these nine winning numbers will win NT$1 million or share the prize money with other lucky buyers who have also picked six winning numbers, Huang said.

If the special draws fail to have enough winners to collect the total prize amount of NT$360 million by Feb. 1, Taiwan Lottery will continue to hold special draws until Feb. 15 in a bid to fully distribute the amount, according to Huang.

As for the Super Lotto, in which ticket holders must have six winning numbers drawn from 38 numbers in the first set and one winning number out of eight numbers in a second set to win the prize.

As long as the accumulated lottery jackpot falls below NT$300 million, Taiwan Lottery will add NT$100 million to the jackpot once during the Jan. 24-March 24 period, said Huang.

From Jan. 24 to Feb. 6, Taiwan Lottery will offer seven times the buyer's bet, up from the usual six times, as prize money for BINGGO BINGGO, where lottery ticket buyers bet on a big or a small number, or an odd number or an even number in the tickets, Huang added.

Taiwan Lottery also unveiled on Tuesday six new scratch lotteries, including the NT$12 million Lucky Lottery, for which tickets sell for NT$1,200.

The NT$12-million Lucky Lottery, which goes on sale during the Lunar New Year holiday every two years and has a winning rate of 70 percent, will have five top prizes of NT$12 million for each winner, and 150 second prizes of NT$1 million each.

Huang said the six new scratch lotteries will have more than 14.80 million winning prizes and a combined jackpot of NT$8.2 billion.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel