The Department of Enforcement warns that the Help Center page for Online Problems is a fake page.

Department of Enforcement, The Department of Enforcement warns! The Online Help Center and Problem Management page is a fake page. Do not believe it. The department confirms that there is only one page: Mr. Seksan Suksaeng, Director-General of the Department of Enforcement, revealed that in the case of the online help center and problem management page, which posted content about police officers on various missions and it appeared that the logo of the Department of Enforcement was placed on the page, the Department of Enforcement has checked the information and would like to clarify that the said Facebook page is not the Facebook page of the Department of Enforcement in any way. The Department of Enforcement has only one official Facebook page, which is called the Legal Execution Department, Thailand, and not the page called the Online Help Center and Problem Management in any way. Therefore, please do not believe it at all. Otherwise, you may lose your property or your personal information may be used inappropriately. Please cooperate by not sending or sharing such information on various social media channels. The public can follow news from the Department of Enforcement, Ministry of Justice, at the Department of Enforcement website or ask for more information at the Department of Enforcement hotline 1111, press 79. Source: Thai News Agency