The Office of the Basic Education Commission rushes to provide mental support to a Mathayom 2 student who was abused by his friends.

The Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) is urgently investigating the facts of a Mathayom 2 student being abused by a friend. They are urgently providing care and mental support to the child, and are coordinating with networks to prevent a repeat of the incident. Mr. Theer Phawangkanan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), revealed that according to Pol. Gen. Phermpoon Chidchob, Minister of Education, Mr. Surasak Pancharoenworakul, Deputy Minister of Education, and Lt. Col. Thanu Wongchinda, Secretary-General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, who were concerned and ordered an urgent investigation into the case of a Mathayom 2 student at a school in Bangkok who was physically assaulted by fellow students, which occurred on July 5, 2024, he and the team from the OBEC Happiness and Safety Management Center have been monitoring the situation and have ordered the Bangkok Secondary Education Area Office 2, the school where the incident occurre d, to urgently inspect the facts of the incident. It was found that the school had conducted an initial investigation with students and witnesses, and invited the parents of the assaulted student and the parents of the other student to acknowledge the behavior that occurred. The parents of both students have reached an understanding and tried to find a solution together, including coordinating with Thung Song Hong Police Station to monitor incidents of this nature and will take action to learn from the incident to prevent it from happening again. The Office of the Secondary Education Area of ??Bangkok, Area 2, the parent school of the school, has urgently instructed the school where the incident occurred to strictly and strictly implement measures and plans to deal with the safety of the educational institution in order to be fair to all parties. Officers from the student activity department and psychologists from the educational area will talk to the students and provide care and support to the students who were abused. They will also coordinate with multidisciplinary professionals, administrative officers, and police officers to follow up on the case. They have also instructed all schools under their supervision to ensure safety measures both inside and outside the school. If a similar incident occurs again, they must immediately report it to the area office and the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) 24 hours a day. Mr. Theer added that the OBEC has appointed a fact-finding committee to investigate the matter, which must be completed within 7 days and report directly to the OBEC Secretary-General. Regarding this incident, the OBEC is not indifferent and will closely monitor the situation. The OBEC has instructed the area to make educational institutions understand each other if an incident like this occurs, to emphasize communication to create understanding, and to prioritize taking care of and rehabilitating students. It will also discuss with all relevant parties to solve the problem and impleme nt measures to prevent fights and violence in schools according to the 3 P principles (prevent, instill, suppress) to create safety for students in all areas. If you find any incidents related to student safety, please report them to the OBEC through the complaint channel, the OBEC Happiness and Safety Management Center, Tel. 0 2123 8789, to investigate the facts and provide further assistance. Source: Thai News Agency