The world must remember the style of “Kru Neng Roti Tab Hod”, a famous restaurant in Trang.

Trang, Slapping like someone is angry at 'Roti Kru Neng', a famous shop in Ta Khao area, Trang Province. The highlight of this shop, besides the delicious roti, is the roti slapping style that is also extraordinary. Many customers are impressed and support them. They sell more than 500 sheets a day. The world must remember the style, but if the world doesn't remember, the customers must remember for sure. This roti shop is called "Kru Neng's Roti Shop" located on Trang-Palian Road, Village 1, Yan Ta Khao Subdistrict, Yan Ta Khao District, Trang Province. Kru Neng or Mrs. Paritchaya Phonbun, aged 53, has a main job as a specialist teacher at Ban Yan Ta Khao School. She uses her free time after school to earn extra income by selling roti. There are roti mataba, roti with eggs, roti with bananas, roti crispy, roti with chicken curry, roti with egg bomb, and others, totaling 29 menus. Prices range from 10-45 baht per sheet. Each day, Kru Neng sells more than 500 roti sheets. It takes only 3 hours to sell out. His unique characteristic that sets him apart from other shops is his violent slapping of the roti as if he is angry at someone. Both the sound and the weight of the slapping make the faint-hearted customers shocked, before they smile and can't help but laugh. Many people teased him that if the customer has a heart condition, they are not allowed to stand near Kru Neng's roti shop. As for the reason for the slapping so violently, Kru Neng said that besides attracting customers in a way that the world will remember, it is also to squeeze out the oil from the roti sheet, making the dough soft and not absorbing oil. The roti slapping menu is considered the most famous menu of the shop. In addition, there are also roti mataba chicken, chicken curry, roti slapping with fried eggs, roti slapping with Ovaltine, and many other menus. Open for sale every day except Tuesday. For 'Kru Neng', he is loved by the villagers. He is cheerful, dresses fashionably, and brings color to the community. Most importantly, he has a kind heart. If a disabled person or a low-income person comes to sit at the shop, Kru Neng will give them free tea, coffee, and roti, which has won the hearts of the people of the market in Yan Ta Khao District. Source: Thai News Agency