Warn students-students being deceived by filming clips demanding ransom from their parents.

Bangkok 11 Aug – Royal Thai Police online alarm The call center gang tricked students into filming a video of themselves being detained. Demanding ransom from parents

The Royal Thai Police warns online call center gangs trick students into filming themselves to demand ransom from their parents. The criminals will use the phone call to their parents. and sent me a picture of my child in custody in which parents cannot contact their children Must transfer money to after transferring money Children can contact back.

Initially, parents expected it to be a ransom. But when the investigators It was found that it was a case where the child was threatened by a call center gang who was involved in an offence. And forced to take clips or photos and send them to the group of villains to demand ransom from their parents again By having to transfer money through your own children's account or into the horse's account and flee .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency